Portugal to increase fire aid to Spain

Portugal to increase fire aid to Spain 

12 August 2006

published by euronews.net

Portugal — Fires continue to rage out of control in Spain and Portugal, but an easing of the situation in the latter has led to Lisbon offering increased help to their Spanishneighbours.

The Portuguese are to send extra fire fighting forces over and above the 60 personnel and 19 vehicles already deployed. 

Although at least three fires are still burning fiercely in northern Portugal, by far the worst scenario is being played out in Galicia, Spain, which has been hard hit since August the fourth.

At least 96 fires are burning in the region and fire-fighters are at full stretch. Many of the blazes are out of control, despite the unprecedented mobilisation of 10 000 fire-fighters battling day and night. 

Many fires are suspected to be of criminal origin, despite the government passing a law last year banning building on burnt land for 30 years, in a bid to stop unscrupulousdevelopers.


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