Forest Fire Information – At Your Fingertips

Forest Fire Information – At Your Fingertips

8June 2005


Forest fires cannot always be prevented. However, having the rightinformation tools can help manage them and reduce their impact on life andproperty. To provide useful information about forest fire conditions across thecountry, Natural Resources Canada’s Canadian Forest Service (CFS) offers aunique Web site at The Web site includes daily fire maps from the Canadian Wildland FireInformation System that show current fire-danger conditions across Canada, aswell as hot spots and areas affected by smoke. You’ll also find a weeklyNational Forest Fire Situation Report giving a summary of current fire activityand a forecast for the coming week. There are also facts about forest fires,information about CFS’s fire-research activities, and links to provincial andterritorial fire agencies. 

The CFS is the foremost forest science organization in Canada. It plays avital role in national and international forest-policy development in support ofa healthy forest and a strong forest sector.


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