PHOS-CHEK(R) Expands Product Line with Breakthrough Fire Fighting Gel

PHOS-CHEK(R) Expands Product Line with Breakthrough Fire Fighting Gel

29 March 2005

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AquaGel Benefits Include Less Mess, Environmental Friendliness

ST. LOUIS, March 29 /PRNewswire/ — Astaris LLC, maker of PHOS-CHEK®, the world’s leading supplier of fire management chemicals, recently introduced a powder-based gel to its line of fire fighting products. Called PHOS-CHEK AquaGel, the product matches the effectiveness of traditional gels, plus adds unique characteristics that represent a breakthrough in gel firefighting products.

The addition of a gel product to PHOS-CHEK’s industry-leading line of long-term retardants and Class A foams means PHOS-CHEK now offers a complete portfolio of chemical solutions for management of wildland and structural fires.

AquaGel can be applied aerially for attack of wildland fires, or by engine to provide structure protection or to directly attack structural fires. “AquaGel fills a number of voids in a fire fighter’s current toolbox,” says Edward Goldberg, PHOS-CHEK Business Director. “In addition to its value as a medium-term wildland fire suppressant, AquaGel provides a fire fighter with a superior structure protection system. Application can be done simply, with just a water hose. And because AquaGel contains no oils, solvents or other nasty chemicals, it’s safer for firefighters and homeowners than other gels on the market.”

Unlike liquid-type gels on the market, PHOS-CHEK AquaGel does not leave an oily residue on surfaces after it has been applied and does not require expensive cleaners for removal. This makes work areas safer, and makes clean up faster, easier and less expensive. The product is delivered to the user in powder form, which requires less inventory space than liquids. The user simply mixes the product with water, and applies it using the same equipment used for applying water or foam. It’s the most environmentally friendly gel available because it contains no acrylamide, NPE, oils or solvents. PHOS-CHEK AquaGel is approved by the USDA Forest Service.

PHOS-CHEK AquaGel will be marketed in Europe under the name PHOS-CHEK FOCSTOP.

For over 40 years PHOS-CHEK has provided the world’s leading chemical solutions for management of wildland and structural fires. PHOS-CHEK is a division of Astaris LLC, North America’s largest phosphorus chemical manufacturer.

For more information contact:

Edward Goldberg, 215-280-3864, 
Nancy Hallahan, 314-727-9500, 


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