Malaysia: Water bombings help beat back landfill fire

Waterbombings help beat back landfill fire

Source: FS World, 15 February 2004

Fire fighters managed to reduce a landfill fire at the Taman Beringin near Kepong in Malaysia by 20% by “bombing” operations using some 430,000 litres of water from two helicopters while on the ground, water jets and sand were used as trenches were dug at the 8ha dumpsite to stop the fire from spreading.

Bombing runs included 55 water-bombing runs using some 330,000 litres of water initially, followed by helicopters conducting 20 rounds of water bombings with 120,000 litres. Round-the-clock operations would continue over the next few weeks.

A senior corporate communications manager from the Alam Flora Sdn Bhd said the Agusta and MI-17 helicopters from the Fire and Rescue Department were used to control the fire. 

The spokesman said the fire could have been caused by hot weather or from a chemical reaction in the waste. 

Over 130 personnel from Alam Flora, Kuala Lumpur City Hall, the Fire Department, Housing and Local Government Ministry and the Department of Environment were working to bring the fire under control. 



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