GFMC: Russia: Forest Fire Fighhting to be Strengthened, 19 February 2001


NizhnyNovgorod in Smoke from Burning Peat Bogs

27 July 2002

Thecity of Nizhny Novgorod has been covered with smoke from burning peat bogs inthe neighbouring Bor region since Saturday morning.

Allthe city districts are in smoke. In the city of Bor, the smoke is so thick thatit is possible to see things on roads only at a distance of no more than 50metres, specialists at the regional emergencies service told Itar-Tass. Thesituation is caused by the windless weather.

Medicalservices have already reported that more people suffering from lung diseases askfor medical aid. Physicians advise residents not to be for a long time in theopen air and wear gauze bandages on the face.

Accordingto meteorologists, the dry and hot weather with the temperature exceeding 30degrees Centigrade and the threat of fires will remain in the region until theend of July.

Therehave been a total of 1,700 fire outbreaks over 4,200 hectares of forests in theNizhny Novgorod region over the season.

ITAR-TASSNews Agency,ByRoza Magasumova


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