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U.S. Fire Information Systems and Software Products

This site is designed for wildland fire professionals and students who require access to the latest software, documentation, and technical papers developed by Systems for Environmental Management and the USDA Forest Service, USDI National Park Service, USDI Bureau of Land Management for use by federal, state, and local fire management agencies. is a cooperative effort by Systems for Environmental Management, Missoula, MT and the Fire Sciences Laboratory of the Rocky Mountain Research Station, USDA Forest Service, Missoula, MT.

The website links to the following products (State: 7 June 2006):

Behave plus v.3 is a Windows software application to predict wildland fire behavior for fire management purposes. BehavePlus is designed for use by trained, professional wildland fire planners and managers familiar with fuels, weather, topography, wildfire situations, and the associated concepts and terminology. 

FARSITE is a fire behavior and growth simulator for use on Windows computers. It is used by Fire Behavior Analysts from the USDA FS, USDI NPS, USDI BLM, and USDI BIA, and is taught in the S493 course. Version 4.1 of FARSITE supports the expanded set of standard fuel models developed by Scott and Burgan (2005). These new fuel models are also available in BehavePlus v.3, FlamMap v.3, and NEXUS v.2. Plans include incorporating these fuel models in the Fire and Fuels Extension of Forest Vegetation Simulator in the near future.

The fire climatology and occurrence program that combines and replaces the PCFIRDAT, PCSEASON, FIRES, and CLIMATOLOGY programs into a single package with a graphical user interface for Windows 95/98/NT.

A C function library for predicting wildland fire behavior using the BEHAVE algorithms, fireLib is for programmers who need a highly optimized API for developing fire behavior growth simulators.

FlamMap is a fire behavior mapping and analysis program that computes potential fire behavior characteristics (spread rate, flame length, fireline intensity, etc.) over an entire FARSITE landscape for constant weather and fuel moisture conditions.

FOFEM (a First Order Fire Effects Model) is a computer program for predicting tree mortality, fuel consumption, smoke production, and soil heating caused by prescribed fire or wildfire.

NEXUS is an Excel(tm) spreadsheet linking surface and crown fire prediction models. NEXUS is useful for evaluating alternative treatments for reducing crown fire risk and assessing the potential for crown fire activity.

FIREMON is a comprehensive monitoring system designed to satisfy fire management agency monitoring requirements. FIREMON includes components and instructions enabling field personnel to design a monitoring project, conduct field sampling and, store and analyze their fire effects and other monitoring data.


Other Online Fire Systems:

Fire Research And Management Exchange System provides access to a broad collection of documentation, visuals, graphics, notices, and software contributed by and for the wildland fire management community.

The Fire Effects Information System summarizes the distribution, use, value, fire ecology, and fire effects of 1100+ North American plants, animals, and communitity types gleaned from over 27,000 scientific references.

The Wildland Fire Assessment System, is an internet-based information system. The current implementation provides a national view of weather and fire potential, including national fire danger and weather maps and satellite-derived “Greenness” maps (Burgan and others 1997). Development is continuing.


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