Silva Mediterranea Working Group “Forest Fires”

Wildland Fire Research in the Mediterranean Basin

Wildland Fire Science

The scientific Mediterranean fire literature is extremely large and comprehensive. This is why the high number of institutions involved and the facet-rich projects, mostly sponsored by the European Commission, cannot be displayed on this website.

Historically, a major first networking activity in wildland fire science in the Mediterranean Region was provided by the EUFIRELAB. EUFIRELAB is based at the National Research Institute for Agronomy (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique – INRA), Avignon, France. EUFIRELAB was structured in units for reinforcing the co-operation among Euro-Mediterranean teams; activating large exchanges of knowledge and know-how; developing common concepts, approaches, and languages; fostering the common use of facilities for research and/or technological development; and so, avoiding unnecessary and expensive replications in wildland fuel description and modeling, wildland fire behaviour modeling, wildland fire, ecosystems functioning and bio-diversity management, socio-economy, decision support tools, wildland fire measurements methods, wildland fire risks and hazards, wildland fire suppression, and wildland – urban interfaces management. Unfortunately, the website, which enabled close connections between EUFIRELAB members and with the public area ensure a large dissemination and valorization of EUFIRELAB achievements towards the end-users and stakeholders, has been expired.

International Conferences on Forest Fire Research

Readers interested in publications are encouraged to look at the proceedings of the series of International Conferences on Forest Fire Research held at the University of Coimbra, Portugal. These international conferences have been held every four years since 1990 in Coimbra, Portugal. A large number of Mediterranean contributions can be found in the conference proceedings. For more information on publications of past conferences contact the head of the organising committees:

Domingos Xavier Viegas
ADAI, Dept. Mechanical Engineering, University of Coimbra
Rua Luis Reis dos Santos
3030-788 Coimbra

Tel: +351 239 790732
Fax: +351 239 790771

Conference website:



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