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Regional / Bilateral Cooperation Agreements

Within the Eurasian region a number of regional conferences led to the development of regional and bilateral agreements on Cooperation in transboundary fire management.

First International Central Asian Wildland Fire Joint Conference, Consultation and Forest Fire Experiment (2008)
The First International Central Asian Wildland Fire Conference “Wildland Fires in Natural Ecosystems of the Central Asian Region: Ecology and Management Implications” (2-6 June 2008, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia) addressed the most pressing issues in Mongolia and neighbouring countries. A second component was a consultation of the agencies and other stakeholders involved in fire management in Mongolia. The third element of the conference was devoted to demonstrate advanced techniques in fire management. The events were a cooperative effort with the UNECE/FAO Team of Specialists on Forest Fire:

Regional Conference on Cross-Border Fires (2010)
The “International Conference on Cross-Border Forest Fires and Cooperation in their Suppression” was hosted by the government of Russia, supported by GFMC, UNISDR and the UNECE/FAO Team of Specialists on Forest Fire, with participation of government agencies of China, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, South Korea, and the USA. The conference was held in Irkutsk, Russian Federation, 16-18 June 2010.

Regional Agreement on Fire Management along the borders between member States of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) (2013)
At the meeting of the Council of Heads of Governments of the CIS on May 31 2013 in Minsk, an agreement on prevention and suppression of natural fires in border territories of the states participants of the Commonwealth of Independent States was signed.

Agreement on Cooperation in Transboundary Fire Management signed
On 3 September 2014 the agreement was signed by the Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Russian Federation, Mr. Sergey Donskoy, and the Minister of Environment and Green Development of Mongolia, Ms. Sanjaasurengiyn Oyun, during the official visit of the Russian delegation headed by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to Mongolia.

30 Years of Cooperation in Fire Management between GFMC and Russian Federation
On 08-11 September 2021, the 90th Anniversary of the Russian Aerial Forest Fire Organization Avialesookhrana and the 30th Anniversary of Cooperation between GFMC and Avialesookhrana was commemorated. The event included national competition “Best Forest Firefighter 2021 of the Russian Federation”, with GFMC contribution “Avialesookhrana and the Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC): 30 Years of Cooperation in Fire Management” (Pushkino, Sofrino Village and Mogiltsy Village, Russian Federation). History of joint activities of GFMC and Avialesookhrana:

Participants of the Convention of Avialesookhrana (11 September 2021). © All photos: Igor V. Kapustin, Avialesookhrana

GFMC greetings address at the contest (J.G. Goldammer, right) and Deputy Chief of Avialesookhrana, Andrey M. Eritsov (left)

Winners of the Russian Contest “Best Firefighter”. Center: Vasily Gavrilov, helirappeller of Avialesookhrana, first place.

Winner of the Russian Contest “Best Firefighter” Vasily Gavrilov, helirappeller of Avialesookhrana (left)

Technology exhibition

Technology exhibition

Participants of the Contest (11 September 2021). © All photos: Igor V. Kapustin, Avialesookhrana


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