Fires in Kazakhstan

Forest Fires in Kazakhstan

02 August 2004

Latest map of the Fire Laboratory of the Sukachev Institute ofForest, Krasnoyarsk

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Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Kazakhstan

Updated informationon current forest fires and summary for the 2004 fire season of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 30 July 2004:

  • Number of forest fires from the beginning of the year: 863

  • Total area burned in 2004:  29269 ha

  • Including covered with a wood: 17252 ha

Most affected regions by forest fires: 


  • Number of Forest Fires: 80

  • Area burned: 6231 ha

  • Including covered with a wood: 6176 ha


  • Number of Forest Fires: 16

  • Area burned: 13218 ha

  • Including covered with a wood: 3991 ha

Source: Mr.Nikolay I.Ezhov, Director of the Kazakh Base for Aerial Forest Fire Protection

Mr. Nikolay I. Eghov
Chief, Avialesookhrana of Kazakhstan
Gorkogo St. 259
Kazakhstan, 480020

According to the Remote SensingLaboratory of the Sukachev Institute for Forest in Krasnoyarsk (RussianFederation) the total land area affected by fire in Kazakhstan in the 2004 fireseason is 540 993 ha (01 August 2004).

For moredetails on fire in Kazakhstan:

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