Fires in Central America

Fires in Central America

23 April 2004

The following MODIS scenes show fires burning in Central America on 22 April 2004. All images are from Aqua Satellite, which crosses over the region at approximately 1:30 pm local mean solar time.


Guatemala/Belize/El Salvador



(Image courtesy MODIS, prepared by the
Mesoamerican Monitoring and Visualization System (SIAM)

Fires burning in the whole centralamerican region on 22 April are seen below, the images were taken between 18:55 and 19:00 hrs UTC from Aqua Satellite.

(Image courtesy MODIS Rapid Response Project at NASA/GSFC).

Taken from the Mesoamerican Web Fire Mapper, maps of active fires in the Region are displayed for the date of 21 April to 23 April 2004.

(Source: Mesoamerican Web Fire Mapper, use this link to zoom in on different countries)

For additional information on the Region see Country Archive for:

Central America and Mexico



South America


As well as the Regional Mesoamerica Wildland Fire Network

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