GFMC: Bush and Forest Fires, USA

Forest Fires in the US /part 1/

31 October 2003

Fires in Southern California

Latest BIRD satellite scene: 

Source: DLR

Latest Earth Observatory image:


Latest OSEI images:

In this NOAA-16 image, heat signatures (red) and smoke (light blue haze) are visible from wildfires raging in California. More than 13,000 firefighters today will again battle fires that already have devastated hundreds of thousands of acres in five California counties. Fires have charred nearly 650,000 acres and destroyed at least 2,400homes.

Hot spots (white) are visible from wildfires raging in California in this NOAA-16 Channel 3 image. (Image courtesy of the Satellite Analysis Branch)
Source: OSEI

Large Fire Locations:

Source: NIFC

ECPC Forecasts:

Fire weather index /FWI/

Wind Speed and directions

Source: ECPC

The Today’s Aerosol Conditions from Earth Probe provides daily updated global TOMS Aerosol Index map.

Latest 3 day composite image of TOMS Aerosol Index.
(Source: NASA GSFC)

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