GFMC: Meterological Conditions and Fire in South East Asia

Forest Fires in Italy

29 Aug 2003

Latest Satellite Image:

Fires in Italy

Fire-weather forecast for Europe

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tomorrow week monthly

Fire Weather Index (FWI) forecast  for this week (left) and the predicted FWI total for next month (right) for Europe.
(Source: ECPC Fire Weather Index Forecast)

Forest Fires in Italy: Update of Area Burned during the Fire Season of 2003

The official statistics of Italy (provided by the Dipartimento della Protezione Civile, Corpo Forestale dello Stato) for the fire season 2003 (up to 13 August 2003) reveal the occurrence of a total of 7,916 wildfires which affected 24,328 ha of forest land and 34,574 ha of non-forest land, totalling 58,902 ha, with an average area burned by fire event of 7.4 ha.

Italy 2002 Forest Fire Summary
(statistical data)

GFMC Media Release (in German, with fire statistical data for the Mediterranean region)

Media Highlights on Fire, Policies, and Politics

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