A Scientist Tracks the World’s Fires

A Scientist Tracks the World’s Fires
Wall Street Journal, 8 February 99, B1, B4

Esteemed German Scientist and professor of fire ecology at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Freiburg, Germany, Johann Goldammer, is recognized for his decade-long leadership and contribution to the study of fire management around the world. Keeping a watch on uncontrolled wildfires across the globe from his Fireglobe Web site, he travels to study burned areas and is cataloging the earth’s combustible fuels in order to help scientists predict where fires are most likely to break out, how big they will be, and whether or not it would be environmentally beneficial to let them burn. Scientists are researching the costs and benefits of burning using controlled fires. Mr. Goldammer, who advises governments on four continents, believes that some day scientists will be able to prevent harmful fires and promote goodones.


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