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ERMAK – 20

Fire Fighting

ERMAK – 20 is a  new product developed in cooperation of Czech and Russianfirms, which combines excellent parameters and an affordable price.

The multifunctional extinguishing and spraying back bag (production referencename: ERMAK – 20) serves for the extinguishing of 

  • minor fires
  • fires of forest undergrowth
  • as a part of equipment of the watch after extinguishing fires
  • during the burning of woody debris after harvesting in the forest. 

It is a suitable part of the equipment for off-road vehicles duringinspections and checks of afforested areas in hot, dry months, in the equipmentof tank fire fighting vehicles and as prevention in combine harvesters at thetime of harvest.

An advantage is easy handling and possibility of use in heavily accessibleterrains. It is possible to replenish water even from a brook, stream or evenwater from a pool. Therefore the hermetic closure is equipped with a screen andits voluminous parameters make it possible to perform repeated replenishment interrain. A mass use is expected during applications in the case of occurrence ofbark beetles and other forest pests, during disaster conditions or forpreventive spraying.

The multifunctional nature of the product results from the fact that unlikeconventional spraying apparatuses which are made of plastic materials and thuseasily flammable, ERMAK is formed by two layers, where the upper carrier withadjustable belts is made of a non-inflammable fabric, while the internal bag ismade of an expandable fabric which is impermeable and chemically inert. TheRussian manufacturer – textile plant “Ufa” – taking part in the spaceresearch as well as in supplies for the Army guarantees all these declaredproperties together with the fabric composition – warp of butyl rubber togetherwith ethyl propylene. The manufacturer declares 100% resistance to 25% solutionsof calcium, chlorine, magnesium, sulphates, amino-phosphates and other acidsolutions. It is therefore possible to use ordinary as well as special solutionsof extinguishing, insecticide and possibly herbicide natures. The product isfurthermore equipped with a foam-forming jet capable of generating an eightfoldquantity of foam in comparison with the volume of the fluid inserted (water +foam forming component).

Basic technological data:

Performance [litres/minute] (minimum) 2.25 Bag volume [litres] 19 Spraying distance [m] – compact (minimum) 8.5 Spraying distance [m] – dispersing (minimum) 3.2
The above mentioned properties of the apparatus as well as those of thematerials are the subject matter of the Russian certificate and are certified bythe Fire Protection Technical Institute at the Ministry of Interior of the CzechRepublic, Fire Brigade General Directorate.


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