GFMC: Czech Flying Firefighting Group

Czech Flying Firefighting Group

The Czech Flying Firefighting Group offers the following aircraft for forest fire and other wildland fire suppression:

  • Z-137T (Turboprop)

STOL 1000 litres (2 aircrafts)

  • M-17 Dromader

STOL 2200 litres (2 aircrafts)

  • AN-2

STOL 1350 litres (6 aircrafts and 12 smokejumpers)

  • Z-37/A/C3 Bumblebee

STOL 1 pilot plus 2 observers

  • B-12 Gull (Beriev)

Amphibian 6500 litres, 12 hours on task (to be available in the near future). For general information on Russian amphibian fire fighting planes: See website of Beriev Aircraft Company.

All aircraft have experienced pilots, crews and aerial observers. As “short take off and landing” (STOL) aircraft short grass strips are required. Mobilization: 2 to 3 hours after reuqest, depending on distances.


Radovan Talacko
Pilot Observer
Sturzeneggstr. 19
CH – 9015 St. Gallen

Tel: +41-71-311-3270
Fax: +41-71-311-3270
Emergency mobile phone: ++41-79-648-4651


Z-137T  (27 KB)

Test drop from a Z-137T in Switzerland

Z-137T  (19 KB)

Close-up view of the Z-137T

Z-37A C3   (25 KB)

Fire observation and lead plane Z-37A C3


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