Meteorological Conditions in South East Asia: 17 June 1999

Meteorological Conditions in SouthEast Asia

17 June 1999

The Meteorological Service of Singapore reports on 16 June 1999 for the South East Asian region: “Cloudy conditions were observed over northern Sumatra and eastern Borneo. Some small hot spots were observed over Sumatra”.

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Fig.1. Regional Surface Winds and Haze/Hot Spot Map, 16 June 1999

The Indonesian Meteorological Agency Badan Meteorologi dan Geofisika publishs the Indonesia Daily Forecasting for 17 June 1999. For the representative selected areas metereological data are provided as follows:

Palembang Samarinda Ujung Pandang Dili Bandung Weather condition cloudy rain cloudy rain rain Temperature max (°C) 34°C 32°C 30°C 31°C 30°C Humidity (min-max %) 60-97 67-98 61-95 48-90 66-94

The Forest Fire Prevention and Control Project (FFPCP) in Palembang (Sumatra) provides a new fire overview map on 15 June 1999.

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Fig.2. Fire Overview Map for 15 June 1999 of the FFPCP project in Palembang

The fire overview map for the Integrated Forest Fire Management (IFFM) project in Samarinda (East Kalimantan) shows 3 hotspots on 15 June 1999.

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Fig.3. Fire Overview Map for 15 June 1999 of the IFFM project in Samarinda

Summary: Although the current fire weather conditions do under normal conditions not favour extensive land clearing by fire or escaping wildfires in Indonesia, the consequences of the large wildfires of 1997-98 must been taken into consideration. These fires had caused extensive degradation of primary and secondary forests along with the spreading of “alang-alang” (Imperata cylindrica) grasslands. These grasslands facilitate the spread of uncontrolled fires over large areas.

See also the IFFN Country Notes.

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