Greece: Fires in the Mediterranean Forests: Prevention – Suppression – Soil Erosion – Reforestation; Athens, 3-6 February, 1999


“Fires in the Mediterranean Forests:
Prevention – Suppression – Soil Erosion – Reforestation”

Athens, 3-6 February, 1999

Conference organizer

The conference is organized by the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO, on behalf of the Hellenic Government and under the auspices of the General Director of UNESCO, in Paris, and of the UNDP Programme of the United Nations.

Aims of the conference

  1. To give the opportunity to various research groups of the Mediterranean countries and to countries of other regions, to meet and exchange points of view concerning their research and scientific achievements.
  2. To foster reinforcement of co-operation and to examine the probable existing similarities or differences, so as to avoid double research efforts.
  3. To examine sectors that present a need for further research
  4. To strengthen better co-ordination between research and application.

Major topics of the conference

  1. The global problem of forest fires
  2. Prevention and protection against forest fires
  3. Forest fires and soil erosion
  4. Post-fire handling of burnt areas in the Mediterranean region


  • The conference is open to all experts specializing in scientific branches related to the subject of forest fires and would like to present their papers, after consultation with the Scientific Committee.
  • Official languages of the conference are English – French – Greek. All papers should be submitted in one of these three languages. Simultaneous translation will be available during the working sessions of the Conference.
  • Participation forms should be completed and returned by December 15th, 1998.
  • A one-page summary of all papers should reach the Secretariat of the Conference by the 20th of December 1998, at the latest, so as to allow preparation of the final programme.
  • Papers to be included in the Proceedings of the Conference should reach the Secretariat by January 15th, 1999, at the latest.
  • Oral presentation should not exceed 15 minutes.
  • The conference will be held at the Auditorium of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1 Acadimias Ave., Athens.

For further information and to obtain a participation form please contact the Secretariat of the Hellenic Commission for UNESCO:

3 Acadimias Ave., Athens, 10027, Greece,
Phone: (30 1) 3620736 – 3610581 – 3610505
Fax:     (3 01) 3630603,
Telex:  212213 – 215583 – 84 YPEX GR


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