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Eighth International Symposium on Scale Modeling (ISSM-8)

12-14 September 2017, Portland, Oregon, USA

Message from Chair of ISSM-8 “It is pleasure to announce that we are going to have the 8th international symposium on scale modeling (ISSM-8) in the beautiful international city of Portland, Oregon in September 2017. It is well known that the concept of scale modeling is very powerful in the engineering fields, and we believe it holds great promise for wildland fire as well because of the wide range of physical factors that govern laboratory to field-scale fire behaviors. Moreover, it is scientifically important to understand the major physics to govern the phenomena of wildfires for better predictions, training, and mitigation. Because scale modeling is useful to any kind of engineering field (e.g., fluid, thermal, dynamic, statics, architecture, civil, ocean, space etc.), this symposium will provide chance to involve anybody from a variety of disciplines; not limited to any single research area/field as most of the other conferences. This feature makes this symposium so unique, and is the original idea from Dr. R. Emori (founder of this symposium since 1988). In fact, his soul has been successfully continued to past symposia and transferred to younger generations. This time, it is great honor to be in charge to host Eighth Symposium (ISSM-8) in Portland, USA, where you can enjoy the picturesque location, excellent international cuisine, and warm hospitality and we would like to welcome anybody who is interested in this unique yet wonderful academic and engineering meeting.

This symposium could provide everyone a variety chances/accesses to learn new things related on scale model. How to use the concept of scale model in your field is also one of scopes in this symposium so that you are not necessary to be a professional in scale model. We are certainly sure that all attendees can enjoy and learn a power of scale model through the symposium. I look forward to seeing you at Portland, Oregon, USA, in 2017.”

Mark FINNEY, Dr.
International Scale Modeling Committee Member
Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory, USDA, USA
RMRS Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory
5775 US Hwy 10 West
Missoula, MT 59808

Chair (honorary): Kozo Saito, Tennessee Valley Authority Prof. Dr., University of Kentucky, USA
Chair: Mark Finney, Dr., Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory, USDA, USA
Co-chair: Yuji Nakamura, Prof. Dr., Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan
Taro Hirasawa, Prof. Dr., Chubu University, Japan
Sandra Dunn, Ms., University of Kentucky, USA
Yuji Nakamura, Prof. Dr., Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan

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