Indonesia: Forest and Land Fire Management Conference of East Kalimantan


Forestand Land Fire Management Conference of East Kalimantan

11-13 May 2004, Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Indonesia



Forest and land fire have become regular events in Indonesia. Major fire events occurred in the years 1981/ 1982, 1987, 1991/ 1992, 1994 with one of the worst fire catastrophes occurring in 1997/ 1998 affecting an area of more than 5 million hectares in East Kalimantan alone. In order to prevent and fight forest fires and the ecological, social and economic losses caused by these fires the Government of the Province of East Kalimantan developed and implemented an Integrated Forest Fire Management (IFFM) Concept. These efforts are supported by the German Government through the Integrated Forest Fire Management Project (IFFM) since 1994.

The following results have been achieved

  • A decentralized forest and land fire management organization has been set up at the provincial level
  • A Forest and Land Fire Control System is in place within the Forestry Service
  • An integrated forest and land fire management concept including fire suppression, prevention and an fire information system has been developed
  • A forest and land fire network through empowerment and capacity building of institutions and other stakeholders at District/ City level is partly in place

Significant progress in implementing a forest fire management system for East Kalimantan has been made. However, there are still some constraints that limit the effectiveness of this system. Regional stakeholders still do not have a full understanding of the fire management concept which in turn results in a limited support for forest fire management activities in some districts. To overcome this problem, the conference will improve and distribute the knowledge about the forest and land fire management concept.


  • To harmonize the perception of stakeholders about the forest and land fire management concept implemented in East Kalimantan
  • To strengthen the support for the forest and land fire management concept implemented in East Kalimantan
  • To start a nation wide ‘learning process’ for developing and implementing a comprehensive forest and land fire management concept all over Indonesia
  • To identify inputs to improve the forest and land fire management concept of East Kalimantan

Conference Information 

Additional Information by the GFMC

Back in 1991-92 the Fire Ecology Research Group (host of the GFMC since 1998) has proposed and assisted to establish the IFFM project and accompanied it during its first GTZ-supported phases between 1994 and 2004. Many of the German GTZ staff IFFM members were and still are associated with the GFMC. The IFFM Project has repeatedly reported in the pages of ECE/FAO International Forest Fire News (IFFN) – reports to be found in the IFFN Country file of Indonesia at:

The last leader of the GTZ Team, Mr. Helmut Dotzauer, has also served in the UN-ISDR Working Group on Wildland Fire, which was led by the GFMC 2001-2003. Given the outstanding profile of the technical cooperation project – one of the largest, most successful and sustainable fire management projects in the history of technical cooperation in fire management, the GFMC has sent a congratulations address to the conference:


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