International conference“Joint Objectives of Mechanics, Informatics and Ecology”

4-9 July 2004, Gorno-Altaysk, RussianFederation


Tomsk State University (Department of Mechanics andMath, the Faculty of Physical and Computing Mechanics), Gorno-Altaysk StateUniversity, Tomsk Polytechnic University (Heat and Power EngineeringDepartment), Tomsk Society of Mechanical Scientists and Thermophysicists, andthe Siberian Division of the Fire Council, Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) arepreparing the international conference “Joint Objectives of Mechanics,Informatics and Ecology”, which will take place in Gorno-Altaysk, 4-9 July2004.

Proposed topics for discussion:

1.       Basic methods of modeling andpredicting natural and technological catastrophes, their mutual influences oneach other.

2.       Severe wild and urban fires:initiation, spread, methods of suppression.

3.       Modeling and predictingearthquakes.

4.       The problem of space bodiesentering dense layers of atmosphere, ways of changing flight trajectory andecological consequences of collision catastrophes.

5.       The problem of flooding; theecology of the existing hydrotechnical constructions; hydrology of urbanterritories.

6.       Catastrophe probabilityappraisal at the potentially dangerous industries.

7.       Modern problems of powerengineering and ecology.

8.       Physical-and-chemical principlesand methods to control pollution and regeneration of habitats.

9.       Methodologies of risk-analysis,new computing technologies and artificial intelligence designed to appraiseecological safety of different industrial enterprises.

10.   Physical and mechanical properties of aerosols in atmosphere andmonitoring of the environment.

11.   Rational utilization of natural resources and ecology.

12.   Legal, ecological and economic aspects of catastrophes and problems ofhigh education in ecology.

13.   Computer programs and methods to predict ecological consequences ofcatastrophes.

14.   Highly productive calculation and modeling of catastrophes usingmultiprocessor computers.

Working languages:English and Russian.

Optional conference arrangements:

The following arrangements will be conducted uponrequest by conference participants:

1.     Round tables on various topics of discussion.

2.     Exhibition and sale of software and methods.

3.     Excursions at Gorno-Altaysk State University and to historical places inGorno-Altaysk; an excursion on board a ship along Lake Teletskoe, rafting alongthe Biya River (separate payment).

4.     Seminar on “Modern express-methods of testing the health condition anddiagnostics of diseases at the earliest stages of development. The mostup-to-date sanitary complexes”.

Weinvite sponsors to participate in the conference and in the optionalarrangements, which will be mutually beneficial. The list of sponsors andorganizations providing financial support for the conference will be included inthe Conference Program Prospectus.


Byt26 April 2004 the registration form and enclosed supporting material should bemailed or e-mailed to the organizing committee, i.e. 1 page summary of thereport typed in two languages (English and Russian).


–        300 rubles if the fee is paid by17 February 2004

–        400 rubles if the fee is paidfrom 17 February to 16 May 2004

–        550 rubles if the fee is paidafter 17 May 2004

–        100 rubles for postgraduates

–        50 rubles for students

Bank data:

-ТГУИНН     TSUIndividual Tax Number 7018012970

-Расчетныйсчет в ФКБГазпромбанкг.Томск 

 Account number 

FederalCommercial Bank Gasprombank, Tomsk  40503810500002000309

-Кор.Счет   Correspondent account 301 01810800000000758

МФО  Circulation within the net ofaffiliated branches

 (БИК)  (BankIdentification Code)    046902758

-ОКПОOverallRussian Classificator of the Enterprises and Organizations 02069318

-ОКОНХOverallRussian Classificator of the National Economy Branches 92110;95639.

Itis necessary to point out the surname and first names of the participant and thepurpose of the payment, which is “Registration fee to participate in the conference”.

Itis advisable to transfer the payment by mail to:

Ms.Tatyana Nikolaevna Kulikova
Tomsk State University
Faculty of Physical and Computing Mechanics
Lenina Avenue 36
Tomsk 634050

Address of the Organizing Committee:

Pleasecontact the organizing committee for details of report submission:

Prof.Dr.Anatoly Mikhaylovich Grishin
Chairman of the Organizing Committee


Mr.Alexander Valeryevich Kraynov
Scientific Secretary of the Organizing Committee
Tomsk State University
Faculty of Physical and Computing Mechanics
Lenina Avenue 36
Tomsk 634050

Fax: +7-3822-529895



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