Experiences from 2002-2003 Wildland Fire Seasons:

Are we prepared for the challenges ahead?

Focussed Congress on 9. October 2003 during “Messe Retter 2004”
(Rescue Fair 2004)
Wels, Austria, 8-10 October 2004

Attention -Congress has been Cacelled

Duringthe 2004 Rescue Fair „Retter“ a focussed 1-day congress will be held on 9.October 2003, organized by the newly reactivated CTIF Commission on ForestFires. With the topic “Experiences from 2002-2003 Wildland Fire Seasons: Arewe prepared for the challenges ahead?“ the congress aims to critically reflecton the extreme wildland fire season 2003 in Europe and North America. Main focuswill be the problem of increasing wildfire risk in Europe due to climateextremes, socio-economic and land-use changes.

Thedraft programme of the congress includes presentations and discussions on:

  • Wildland Fires Global – Overview
  • Austria (Problem/theme: Difficult access in mountain terrain)
  • Switzerland (Problem/theme: Consequences of wildfires in mountains)
  • Portugal (Problem/theme: Causes and difficulties of fire suppression due to land-use change and fuel loads)
  • United Kingdom (Problem/theme: New wildland fire problems in Atlantic forests and wildlands)
  • France (Problem/theme: Tourism and wildland fire – causes and effects)
  • California (Problem/theme: New vulnerabilitiesand fire management problems at the wildland-urban interface)
  • Session: Are we prepared? Explanation of the Feedback Questionnaire
  • Tools in place (remote sensing, early warning, networks, cooperation arrangements)
  • Services of the European Commission: The European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS)
  •  Are European fire services prepared for the future
  • Problems (Countries in transition: Example Bulgaria)
  •  Solutions (Progress achieved: Example Spain)
  • Panel Discussion: Experiences from 2002-2003 Wildland Fire Seasons: Are we prepared for the challenges ahead? 

At the congress simultaneoustranslation will be provided to German, French and English. The congress iscoordinated by the Chair of the CTIF Forest Fire Commission and supported by theGlobal Fire Monitoring Center.

·       Conferenceflyer with registration form(PDF, 300 KB)

Pleasevisit also the “Retter” website at: http://www.rettermesse.at/, follow the link to 
Internationaler Kongress im Rahmen der RETTER 2004” (secondlink from top)


For more information on the cancellationof the congress
please contact the chairman of the CTIF Commission on
Forest Fires, Mr. Trond Rane, at:



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