The GFMC and the United Nations System

Addressing Landscape Fires and Fire Management at Global Level: Cooperative Work of GFMC with the United Nations System

The GFMC and its predecessor institution – the Fire Ecology and Biomass Burning Research Group of the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry and Freiburg University – are cooperating with the United Nations family since 1985. Within the UN system a number of agencies and programs have sectoral responsibilities in fire management and related fields. The following links facilitate the access to these activities. Most of the UN agencies have cooperative agreements with the GFMC. The first-listed publication – the White Paper “Vegetation Fires and Global Change” – was published by GFMC in 2013 and provided an up-to-date summary of the role of fire and fire management globally. The following documents provide summaries / reviews of the role of the UN and other international organizations in fire management.

Goldammer, J.G. (ed.). 2013. Vegetation Fires and Global Change. Challenges for Concerted International Action. A White Paper directed to the United Nations and International Organizations. Kessel Publishing House, Remagen-Oberwinter, 398 p. (ISBN 978-3-941300-78-1) (low-res. PDF, 3.7 MB)

Recent initiatives of GFMC and partners (Status: 15 December 2023)

GFMC publications on international cooperation in fire management

Documentation repository on thematic activities of the UN Family in which the GFMC has taken responsibilities (ongoing and completed)

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