Haze Collapses Economy: Kadin

Haze Collapses Economy: Kadin

06 September 2015

published by http://en.tempo.co

Indonesia– Hariyadi Sukamdani, deputy chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) said that haze disasters that occurred in a number of regions had caused business owners to suffer a huge amount of losses.

“Generally, all business sectors were affected [by haze disasters]. It’s collapsing the economy,” Hariyadi told Tempo on Sunday, September 6.

Hariyadi explained that haze disasters that occur annually have forced companies to temporarily dismiss their workers, which in turn lower their productivity.

“Health issues [among workers] due to haze would incur new costs,” Hariyadi added.

The recurring forest fire, Hariaydi said, could be staged by individuals to reap profit.

Hariyadi asked the government to seriously addressed the issue and impose sanctions for companies that intentionally set forest fires.

“Their license must be revoked, if necessary,” he said.

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