References on Aerosols and Atmospheric Transport over Southern Africa

List compiled by Kristy Ross, Witwatersrand University, South Africa, and Robert Chatfield, NASA

  • Chatfield, R.B., J.A. Vastano, L. Li, G.W. Sachse, and V.S. Connors. 1998. The Great African Plume from biomass burning: A three-dimensional study of Trace-A carbon monoxide. J. Geophysical Res. 103, 28,059-28,077.
    The paper analyzes the relationship of Southern Africa airflow with the InterAfrican front and a broad recirculation pattern.
  • Chatfield, R.B., J.A. Vastano, H.B. Singh, and G.W. Sachse. 1996. A generalized model of how fire emissions and chemistry produce African / oceanic plumes (O3, CO, PAN, smoke) seen in Trace-A, J. Geophysical Res 101, 24,279–24,306.
    The paper explains the very different transport of aerosols and gases from Southern Africa moving above ~4–5 km. This issue has many articles, e.g., by Fuelberg, Anderson, and Thompson, describing Southern African transport and aerosols.
  • Chatfield, R.B., Z. Guo, G.W. Sachse, E.D. Blake, N. Blake. The Subtropical Global Plume in PEM-T A, PEM-T B, and GASP: How tropical emissions affect the remote Pacific, submitted to J. Geophysical Res 2000.
    This article actually has a lot of description of the important role of African meteorology, and compares very well with the TOMS retrievals over/southeaset-of the Cape, compares synoptic and convective transport but also describes South American pollution affecting Africa: the “stranding” of different pollution streams. Post-mission analyses for SAFARI-2000 should be similarly fascinating!
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