~~ Wildfire 2007 – 4th INTERNATIONAL WILDLAND FIRE CONFERENCE. Spain 2007 ~~

ESPAÑOL   Search by AUTHOR Search by TITLE Search by THEMATIC SESSIONS Search by REGIONAL SESSIONS Search by COUNTRIES KEYNOTE Lectures FINAL DOCUMENTS ENTITIES     A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V Y     + “What 50+ Years of Wildland Firefighting and Fire Research has taught me about Wildland Urban Interface Firewise Planning“. (Introductory TS5)   Montague, Richard – USA     + “What frameworks will help inform wildfire risk management to support community resilience to climate change?“. (TS1)   Bosomworth, Karyn – AUSTRALIA   Handmer, John     + “Wild Fire Fighting Safety: “Feedback on sudden ignitions causing fatalities”“. (TS6)   Peuch, EricFRANCE     + “Wild Fire Fighting Safety: “The fire engine becomes the ultimate shelter”“. (TS6)   Peuch, EricFRANCE     + “Wildfire motivation survey through the Delphi Method“. (TS4)   de las Heras, Jorge – ITALY   Giaquinto, Patrizia / Leone, V. / Lovreglio, R. / Notarnicola, Alessandra / Rodrigues, María Joao / Salvatore, R.     + “Wildfire threat analysis and the developement of a fuel management strategy for British Columbia“. (TS3)   Beck, Judi – CANADA   Simpson, Brian     + “Wildland Fire Analyst: a needed job position and the requires education and training“. (TS7)   Molina, DSPAIN   García, David / Grillo, F.F. / Martínez, E.R.     + “Wildland fire: developing a public awareness strategy articulating communication and information system“. (TS4)   Badillo, P-Y – FRANCE   Bourgeois, D / Gheenoo, A / Marciano, J-P     + “Wildland fire management in European countries: legislation and policy instruments“. (TS2)   Montiel, CSPAIN   Goldammer, Johann G. / Molina, D / Schuck, A     + “Wildland Fire Management Policy and Fire Management Economic Efficiency in the USDA Forest Service“. (KL)   González Cabán, ArmandoUSA     + “Wildland Fire Prevention and Community Involvement“. (KL)   Dr Peter F. Moore – AUSTRALIA     + “Wildland regional and subregional cooperation strategies for the prevention, control and combat of wildland fires in Latin America and the Caribbean / Estrategia Regional de Cooperación para el Manejo del Fuego en América Latina y el Caribe“. (TS2)   Carneiro, Carlos Marx R.CHILE   Casaza, Jessica / Goldammer, Johann G. / González Rodríguez, Raúl / Lobo, Sonia / Sanhueza, Patricio / Scholz, Claudia               Search by TITLE     Optimised for 1024 x 768 – Internet Explorer.© WILDFIRE. 2007 

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