~~ Wildfire 2007 – 4th INTERNATIONAL WILDLAND FIRE CONFERENCE. Spain 2007 ~~

ESPAÑOL   Search by AUTHOR Search by TITLE Search by THEMATIC SESSIONS Search by REGIONAL SESSIONS Search by COUNTRIES KEYNOTE Lectures FINAL DOCUMENTS ENTITIES     A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S U V W Y     + “Tasa de extinción de incendios forestales“. (TS7)   Gómez Expósito, Carlos Antonio – SPAIN     + “Taking the next step:sharing lessons and tools as fire management and conservation goes global“. (TS3)   Brunson, Ed – USA     + “Temperaturas del suelo dependientes de la especie dominante durante tres quemas controladas de matorral mediterráneo“. (TS3)   Santana, Víctor M. – SPAIN   Baeza, M.J. / Ramón Vallejo, V.     + “Temporal and spatial structure of fuel moisture content values in garrigue vegetation, South of France“. (TS3)   Brewer, SFRANCE   Alleaume, S / Borgniet, L. / Curt, T     + “The analysis of original causes of reed fires in Zhalong wetland reserve in Heilongjiang Province“. (TS3)   Shu Li-fuCHINA   / Wang, Ming-yu / Yao, Qingxue     + “The Canadian Wildland Fire Strategy: A Vision for an Innovative and Integrated Approach to Managing the Risks“. (TS2)   Born, Wally – CANADA   Fuglem, Peter / Hirsch, Kelvin / Miller, Gordon / Stocks, Brian / Taudin-Chabot, Phil / Wang, Sen / Wotton, Mike     + “The demand for resouces to practice fire management in the protected areas of Western Cape – South Africa“. (F)   Erasmus, Zane – SOUTH AFRICA         + “The demise of fire and mesophication of eastern U.S. forest“. (TS3)   Abrams, Marc D. – USA     + “The efficiency of the aerial drop of fire-fighting products: a modelling aproach“. (TS7)   Amorim, Jorge Humberto – PORTUGAL   Borrego, C. / Miranda, Ana Isabel     + “the eurasian Fire in Nature Conservation Network (EFNCN): Advances in the use of prescribed fire in nature conservation, landscape management, forestry and carbon management in temperate-boreal Europe and adjoining countries“. (TS3)   Goldammer, Johann G.GERMANY   Bruce, Michael / Brunn, Egbert / Chuluunbaatar, Tsevee-Oiroy / Eerikäinen, Kalle / Hoffmann, Georg / Kisilyakhov, Yegor K. / Kondrashov, Leonid / Lovén, Lasse / Nikolov, Nikola / Page, Hans / Rydkvist, Thomas / Verkhovets, Sergey     + “The evolution of fire managers: from keeper of the flame to fire-fighter to fire-warrior“. (TS1)   Saveland, Jim – USA   Black, Anne     + “The forest fire risk index (ICRIF) operational processing and validation“. (TS1)   Bugalho, Lourdes – PORTUGAL   Pessanha, Luís     + “The global MODIS burned area product“. (TS4)   Roy, D.P. – USA   Boschetti, L. / Justice, C.O.     + “The GOFC-GOLD-Fire Program: A Mechanism for International Cooperation in Fire Mapping and Monitoring“. (Introductory TS4)   Justice, Christopher O. – USA     + “The implication of poverty, civil wars and AIDS on wildfire management and sustanaible land use“. (TS1)   Duodu-Asare, David K – GHANA     + “The need for a prescribed burning expertise in Italy: north-western moorlands conservation management by fire“. (TS3)   Ascoli, Davide – ITALY   Beghin, R. / Bovio, Giovanni / Marzano, R     + “The next step of remote sensing services for operational forest fire-fighting within GMES“. (TS4)   Valcarce, Fernando – SPAIN   Calle, A. / Casanova, José-Luis / de Santis, Ángela / Ramírez, Joaquín     + “The Peak district Fires Operation Group“. (C)   Prendergast, Sean – UNITED KINGDOM         + “The preliminary results of fire behavior in maquis fuels under varying weather and slope conditions“. (TS4)   Saglam, Bülent – TURKEY   Baysal, İsmail / Bilgili, Ertugrul / Durmaz, Bahar Dinc / Kücük, Ömer     + “The public awareness campaigns organised by the Union des Femmes pour L’Entraide de Developement to prevent fires in Burundi“. (TS2)   Karakura, Marie Claire – BURUNDI     + “The RFO ‘INCENDI’: strong cooperation at the scale of 9 mediterranean regions“. (TS1)   Pile, Mireille – FRANCE-SPAIN     + “The role of fire on landcover changes in Borneo“. (TS1)   Langner, Andreas – GERMANY   Siegert, Florian     + “The role of food security groups: networks in poverty reduction, a case study of Chamwino district, Dodoma Region of Tanzania“. (TS1)   Madaha, Rasel – TANZANIA     + “The role of prior accident investigations in the push toward criminal liability in the US: a rhetorical analysis“. (TS6)   Thackaberry Ziegler, Jennifer – USA     + “The role of scientific evidence in law enforcement for forest and land fire cases“. (TS2)   Saharjo, Bambang HeroINDONESIA     + “The role of technical and scientific knowledge production, transfer and dissemination in fire planning and policy“. (TS1)   Reis, Pedro – PORTUGAL   Oliveira, Tiago     + “The San Diego declaration on climate change and fire managament“. (TS1)   Miller, Melanie – USA     + “The wildland fire-fighting system in Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy)“. (TS2)   di Narda, Nadia – ITALY   Giordani, Damiano / Primiero, Aldo     + “The wildland/urban interface wildfire crisis, is there a solution?“. (TS5)   Bailey, Dan W.USA     + “Tools for remote sensing, early warning and data acquisition for an advanced computer-supported, efficient fire fighting management system“. (TS4)   Dreibach, Joaquim F. – SWITZERLAND     + “Topical scientific and practical issues of wildland fire problem“. (D)   Volokitina, AlexandraRUSSIA   Sofronova, Tatiana / Sofronov, Mark     + “Towards an integrated system for planning and decision support in forest fire management“. (TS4)   Markatos, Nikolaos – GREECE   Balatsos, Panagiotis / Kyranoudis, Chris / Vescoukis, Vassilios     + “Transferring wildland fire knowledge using a national lessons learned center“. (TS4)   Christenson, DavidUSA     + “Tropical forest peat swamp fire: prevention is better than cure“. (TS3)   Ainuddin Nuruddin, AhmadMALAYSIA               Search by TITLE     Optimised for 1024 x 768 – Internet Explorer.© WILDFIRE. 2007 

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