~~ Wildfire 2007 – 4th INTERNATIONAL WILDLAND FIRE CONFERENCE. Spain 2007 ~~

ESPAÑOL   Search by AUTHOR Search by TITLE Search by THEMATIC SESSIONS Search by REGIONAL SESSIONS Search by COUNTRIES KEYNOTE Lectures FINAL DOCUMENTS ENTITIES     A B C D E G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y     + “Fire and human activities on the Pyrenees (Western and Eastern Pyrenees), inferred from pedoanthracological, palynological, micro-charcoal and archaelogical data. An interdisciplinary approach“. (TS1)   Bal Marie-Claude – FRANCE   Galop Didier / Rendu Christine / Vannière Boris     + “Fire causes influence on wildfire regime“. (TS2)   Capitoni, Bruno – ITALY   Carlini, Maurizio / Fiorucci, Paolo / Gaetani, Francesco / Minciardi, Riccardo / Scipioni, Anna / Troiani, Luca     + “Fire danger forecast in the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS)“. (TS4)   Camia, AndreaUNIÓN EUROPEA   Amatulli, Giuseppe / Barbosa, Paulo / San Miguel, Jesús     + “Fire, ecosystems and people:satrategies for global biodiversity conservation“. (TS3)   Shlisky, Ayn – USA   Ainuddin Nuruddin, Ahmad / Alencar, Ane / Alvarado, Ernesto / Gonzalez, Mauro / Gonzalez, Patrick / Johnson, Darren / Kaufmann, Merrill / Kearns, Faith / Manta, Maria / Myers, Ron / Rodríguez Trejo, Dante Arturo / Santoso, Heru / Schmidt, Dave / Smith, Jim / Swaty, Randy / Waugh, John / Zollner, Douglas     + “Fire effects on archaeological sites in the Southwestern USA: preservation issues and treatments“. (TS8)   Gauthier, Rory P. – USA     + “Fire hystory and productivity of the jarrah forest of south-western Australia“. (TS1)   Pekin, Burak – AUSTRALIA   Boer, Matthias / Grierson, Pauline F. / Macfarlane, Craig / McCaw, Lachlan / Wittkuhn, Roy     + “Fire management in Botswana – Efforts of the department of Forestry and Range Resources“. (F)   Ngakane, S.R- BOTSWANA   BHoffman, A.A. / Mafoko, G.J. / Ramonthso, J.     + “Fire management in China: application and development of fuelbreaks“. (D)   Cui, Yonghuan – CHINA     + “Fire management in commercial plantations: a New Zealand perspective“. (TS3)   Cameron, Geoff – NUEVA ZELANDA   Dudfield, Murray / Pearce, Grant     + “FIRE PARADOX: an innovative approach of integrated wildland fire management-a joint European initiative“. (TS2)   Rego, Francisco C.UNIÓN EUROPEA   Alexandrian, D. / Fernandes, P. / Rigolot, E.     + “Fire risk zoning at national level in Greece: methodological approach and outcome“. (TS7)   Balatsos, PanagiotisGREECE   Kalabokidis, Kostas / Koutsias, Nikos     + “Fire, seasonal evergreen forests and conservation, Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary, Thailand“. (E)   Johnson, Laura Anne- CANADA     + “Fire threat analysis as a tool to improve fire management in South Sumatra Province, Indonesia“. (E)   Ruecker, Gernot – GERMANY   Solichin     + “Fire types: a tool to plan and manage emergencies“. (TS7)   Castellnou, MarcSPAIN     + “Fire’s video control in Serbia“. (TS7)   Jovanović, Vidosava – SERBIA   Oldja, Marius     + “Forecasting fire danger indices in the United States“. (B)   Wordell, Thomas A. – USA   Brown, Timothy     + “Forest Fire and Sustainable Management of Chirpine Forests in Himachal Pradesh in Western Himalayas – India“. (E)   Thakur, Vidya – INDIA   Sehgal, R.N.     + “Forest fire effects assesment in Andalusia: a review of strategies and methodologies for severity mapping and vegetation recovery monitoring at the long-term“. (TS8)   Navarro Cerillo, Rafael – SPAIN   Crespo Calvo, Roberto / Escuin Royo, Silvia / Fernández Rebollo, Pilar / Hernández Clemente, Rocío / Lanheri, Sijam     + “Forest fire hazard model defintion for local land user (Tuscany region)“. (TS7)   Conese, C. – ITALY   Bonora, Laura / Checcacci, Elisabetta / Romani, Maurizio / Tesi, Enrico     + “Forest fire management in Cyprus: from prevention to restoration“. (TS2)   Ioannou, A.P. – CYPRUS   Papageorgiou, K.A.     + “Forest fire management in Guyana“. (TS2)   Pradeepa Bholanath – GUYANA     + “Forest fire policy scenarios as a key element affecting the occurrence and characteristics of fire disasters“. (TS2)   Xanthopoulos, GavriilGREECE     + “Forest Fire Potential index for Navarra Autonomic Community“. (TS4)   Huesca Martínez, Margarita – SPAIN   Escribano, Paula / Montes, Fernando / Palacios-Orueta, Alicia / Sebastián-López, Ana     + “Forest fire related deaths in Greece confirming what we already know“. (TS6)   Xanthopoulos, GavriilGREECE     + “Forest Fire Risk Index specific for Galicia (NW of Spain): an essential device for fire prevention“. (TS4)   Paz Andrade, Mª InmaculadaSPAIN   Carballas, Tarsy / Carballo, Enrique / Galiñanes, Alejandro V. / Jiménez, Eulogio / Legido, José Luis / Mato, Marta María / Varela, Azucena / Villaverde, Javier     + “Forest fire risk reduction techniques in the community forests of Nepal“. (TS2)   Bhoj Raj Khanal – THAILAND     + “Forest fires and wildland-urban interface in Spain: types and risk distribution“. (TS5)   Caballero, D – SPAIN   Beltrán, I / Velasco, A     + “Forest fires emissions under climate change: an air quality perspective“. (TS1)   Carvalho, A – PORTUGAL   Borrego, C. / Martins, Bruno / Miranda, Ana Isabel     + “Forest Fires, erosion and risk cartography: examples in Northern Portugal“. (TS3)   Pedrosa, António – PORTUGAL   Martins, Bruno     + “Forest fires in protected areas in Portugal and in the state of Santa Catarina (Brazil): comparative analysis of policies of prevention and recovery of burned areas“. (TS8)   Pedrosa, Fantina TedimPORTUGAL   de Paula Herrmann, Maria Lúcia     + “Forest fires prevention in Portugal. Using GIS to help improving early fire detection effectiveness“. (TS7)   Catry, Filipe X.PORTUGAL   Almeida, Joel P. / Rego, Francisco C. / Relvas, Paulo / Santos, Teresa     + “Forest fuel characteristics and the impact of climate change on forest fires in Southest Tibet“. (TS1)   Wang Ming-yuCHINA   Shu Li-fu / / Zhao, Feng-jun     + “Formación de profesionales de la lucha contra incendios forestales en Castilla y León“. (TS7)   Fernández Huertas, V.SPAIN   Rey van den Bercken, E.     + “Formación en técnicas de gestión de equipos humanos aplicadas a la extinción de incendios forestales“. (TS7)   Gamonal García A. – SPAIN   Prieto Veiga, MJ.     + “Framing fires: wildfire management planning and perfomance measures“. (TS2)   de Mar, P.J. – AUSTRALIA   Moore, P. F. / Shields, B.J.     + “Framing forest fires: state, urban and rural views of anthropogenic forest fires in Galicia, Spain“. (TS1)   Seijo, Francisco – SPAIN     + “Frecuencia de sinistraliedad y coste medio del siniestro como base para el cálculo de la prima pura en seguros contra incendios forestales para propietarios forestales privados en Galicia“. (TS8)   Picos Martín, JuanSPAIN   Valero Gutiérrez del Olmo, Enrique     + “Fuel moisture estimation for fire ignition mapping“. (TS1)   Yebra, Marta – SPAIN   Aguado, Inmaculada / Chuvieco, Emilio / García, Mariano / Nieto, Héctor / Salas, Javier     + “Fuel reduction treatments influence on soil erosion“. (TS8)   Fernández, CristinaSPAIN   Fonturbel, Teresa / Jiménez, Enrique / Pérez, José Ramón / Pérez-Gorostiaga, Pedro / Vega, José Antonio     + “Fuel Treatments to Prevent and Manage Wildfires“. (Introductory TS3)   Omi, Phil N. – USA     + “Fuel type mapping from satellite ASTER and MODIS data using neural nets“. (TS4)   Lasaponara, Rosa – ITALY   Lanorte, Antonio     + “Función de la participación social y educación e información de la opinión pública respecto a los incendios forestales“. (TS1)   Casero Rodríguez, FranciscoSPAIN     + “Funciones forestales restauradas: el caso de ‘La Hoya de Buñol’“. (TS8)   Ferrando-Fe-Castell, José Francisco – SPAIN   Herrera-Machuca, Miguel Ángel / Quesada Fernández, Clara               Search by TITLE     Optimised for 1024 x 768 – Internet Explorer.© WILDFIRE. 2007 

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