Participation of the UNISDR Global Wildland Fire Network:

Reports and Recommendations

One of the main aims of the conference was to provide a platform for a meeting of all Regional Wildland Fire Networks, which are collaborating under the UNISDR Global Wildland Fire Network. All 13 regional networks contributed to the preparation of the conference. Papers, posters and reports provided comprehensive information on wildland fire issues around the world.

Six joint regional sessions were held on 14 and 15 May 2007 to bring together neighbouring networks, or those networks that are cooperating closely.

Session A: Mesoamerica, Caribbean and South America

Session B: Australasia and North America

Session C: Europe, Southeast Europe, Mediterranean North Africa and Caucasus

Session D: Eastern Baltic, Central Asia, and Northeast Asia

Session E: South Asia and Southeast Asia

Session F: Sub-Sahara Africa

Final Statements of all Joint Sessions

Note: This website is regularly updated concerning the follow-up of the outcomes of the Conference
(last update: 28 May 2007)

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