~~ Wildfire 2007 – 4th INTERNATIONAL WILDLAND FIRE CONFERENCE. Spain 2007 ~~

ESPAÑOL   Search by AUTHOR Search by TITLE Search by THEMATIC SESSIONS Search by REGIONAL SESSIONS Search by COUNTRIES KEYNOTE Lectures FINAL DOCUMENTS ENTITIES     A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y        + Zamora, Regino   Effects of salvage logging on seedling recruitment of a serotinous pine species (Pinus pinaster Aiton)” / (TS3) / SPAIN   Salvage logging reduces plant species richness and diversity one year after wildfire” / (TS8) / SPAIN     + Zamora Díaz, Ricardo   Vulnerabilidad socioeconómica de los espacios forestales frente al impacto de los incendios, aproximación metodológica mediante sistemas de información geográficos (Proyecto FireMap)” / (TS4) / SPAIN           + Zara, Pierpaolo   Effects of seasonal weather variatons and phenology on live fuel moisture content and ignitability of mediterranean species” / (TS1) / ITALY           + Zazo Muncharaz, Javier   Propuesta de recomendación técnica de certificación del personal dedicado a la defensa contra incendios forestales” / (TS2) / SPAIN           + Zegrar Ahmed   Spatial analysis of forest fires by using ALSAT-1 data in forest ecosystem in the North of Algeria” / (TS4) / ALGERIA           + Zhao, Feng-jun   Forest fuel characteristics and the impact of climate change on forest fires in Southest Tibet” / (TS1) / CHINA         + Zhu, Zhiliang   Assessment of spatial and temporal trends of fire severity in the United States” / (B) / USA   Detection rate of MODIS active fire products” / (TS4) / USA           + Zollner, Douglas   Fire, ecosystems and people:satrategies for global biodiversity conservation” / (TS3) / USA           + Zoref, Hanoch   Incendios forestales en Israel durante La Segunda guerra del Líbano – verano 2006. Descripción, conclusiones y recomendaciones para el futuro / Forest Fires Caused by the Lebanon War-Summer 2006. Conclusions and lessons for the future” / (C) / ISRAEL           + Zozaya, Elena L.   Landscape effects of non direct regeneration after a large fire on a mediterranean bird community” / (TS3) / SPAIN                 Search by AUTHOR     Optimised for 1024 x 768 – Internet Explorer.© WILDFIRE. 2007 

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