IFFM/gtz in Brief


IFFM/gtz in Brief

The project IFFM supports Indonesia in its effort to build up capacities in the fields of

  • Fire Prevention
  • Pre-Suppression / Fire Intelligence
  • Fire Suppression
  • Prescribed or Controlled Burning

An appropriate level of fire protection, suitable equipment, necessary fire intelligence and the necessary institutional and structural support were evaluated and determined for a pilot area during phase I (1994-97).

In the second and third phases (1997-2002) IFFM will be implemented in cooperation with KfW, which provides a grant of 10 mil. DM to set up local fire centers in the 10 forest districts and two national parks of East Kalimantan. These will be furnished with appropriate fire equipment, necessary maintenance units and the personnel will be trained to run these fire centers and to prevent and fight fires.

The provincial fire center in the capital Samarinda will provide intelligence (early warning, satellite based fire detection, fire danger rating) and coordinate the fire management activities in East Kalimantan. A central warehouse will manage a stock of equipment and spareparts. This basic infrastructure will form the core of a fire management organisation for the province.

A crucial factor is the involvement of the local population, who uses and causes fires, in a “community-based fire management” scheme. Therefore in each project district 10-20 villages will be selected and receive necessary equipment and training from IFFM to set up village fire response crews.

IFFM provides training at all levels in-country and abroad, facilitates the crucial cooperation among the involved parties and stresses the need to include local people, especially slash and burn farmers, in fire management. In cooperation with the EU sponsored fire project in Palembang (FFPCP), IFFM will produce fire management guidelines for concession companies and training guidelines.

Because almost all the fires are human-caused, fire suppression is indispensable but cannot solve the problem. IFFM stresses fire prevention and the need for changes in the frame conditions (land use policy, people’s participation), which are the underlying causes of the country’s fire problem.

IFFM’s relatively long experience in Indonesia has been frequently used as a resource and as example for other donors that are coming up with fire programmes in the aftermath of the 1997/98 fire disaster. The fire management system of East Kalimantan is hoped to serve as an example for other fire prone provinces in Indonesia.

The results of IFFM activities are summarized in project reports (in English and Indonesian). Last update: 21 February 2000.


Mr. Ludwig Schindler (IFFM project leader)
Jl. Kesuma Bangsa Tromol Pos 826
Samarinda 75001
Kalimantan Timur


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