GFMC: New Reports of the European Union Project “Forest Fire Prevention and Control Project” (FFPCP)

Reports of the EU-supported Project
“Forest Fire Prevention and Control Project” (FFPCP)


In1995 the Government of Indonesia and the European Union started the Forest FirePrevention and Control Project in South Sumatra (FFPCP). This project was partof the larger European Union’s Indonesian Forestry Program. The FFPCP wasimplemented from 1995 until 2001. The old website address is partially stillfunctioning:


Asa follow-up to the FFPCP, the South Sumatra Forest Fire Management Project (SSFFMP)started in January 2003 with a planned 5-year implementation period. The newSSFFMP project is mainly set in a provincial context and in accordance with theFinancing Agreement to work with stakeholders in South Sumatra Province andselected priority districts.

 Between1999 and 200 the FFPCPprepared twenty reports covering the field-level prevention, detection andcontrol of vegetation fires in Sumatra:

Thesereports can be downloaded on this website:



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