WHO Health Guidelines for Episodic Vegetation Fire Events


WHO Health Guidelines for EpisodicVegetation Fire Events

Draft Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Air Pollution from Vegetation Fires and Health

    2.1 Introduction
        2.1.1 Global Fire Occurrence
        2.1.2 Hazard Assessment at the Basis of Fire Risk
        2.1.3 Fire-weather forecasts
    2.2 Source Characterization: Emission and Post-Emission processes
    2.3 Ground-based Monitoring
    2.4 Space Monitoring and Modeling of the Distribution of Fire Product
    2.5 Climate Monitoring and Modeling of the Distribution of Fire Products
    2.6 Emergency Response Procedures

3. Guidelines on Forest Fire Emergencies for Public Health Protection

    3.1 Introduction
    3.2 Health Effects
        3.2.1 Acute health impacts of biomass air pollution
        3.2.2 Acute health impacts of particulate air pollution
        3.2.3 Chronic health impacts
    3.3 Public Advisories
        3.3.1 Information to the public
        3.3.2 Information on ambient air quality
        3.3.3 Information on national action
        3.3.4 Information on health effects
    3.4 Mitigation measures
        3.4.1 Remaining indoors
        3.4.2 Use of air cleaners
        3.4.3 Use of masks
        3.4.4 Outdoor precautionary measures
        3.4.5 Evacuation to emergency shelters
    3.5 Guidance on Methodology for Assessment of Forest-Fire Induced Health Effects
        3.5.1 Important potential components of all studies
        3.5.2 Study Designs / acute Exposures
        3.5.3 Study Designs / chronic Exposures
        3.5.4 Evaluation of data
        3.5.5 Priorities
   3.6 Application of short-term air quality guidelines
        3.6.1 Risk management
        3.6.2 Application of WHO Air Quality Guidelines
   3.7 Factors Influencing Health Effects

4. Prevention of Future Health-Affecting Events

    4.1 The Source: Land-Use / Fire Policies, Cross-References to other Programmes
    4.2 Recommendations: Addressing gaps in knowledge, technologies, programmes

5. Appendices

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