Forest Fire Risk and Hazard Assessment (FORFAIT)

FORFAIT will develop a Decision Support System (DSS) which can be used by planners, educationalists, regulators and industry to aid in decision making relating to risks from forest fires. It will be designed to be generally applicable across Europe, but capable of being applied on a site-specific basis to assess risks to humans, the environment and to commercial enterprise. At the heart of the system will sit a central decision engine, incorporating an extensive Fire Management Knowledge Base, and utilising the latest Fire Propagation and Mitigation Models. The Decision Support framework places emphasis on effective communication, collaboration and negotiation between stakeholders and allows the problem to be approached from an integrated, quantitative and holistic perspective. Inputs to the system will take the form of local, site specific data collected in the field, and timely satellite derived information. By making use of such Remotely Sensed data, the system is able to exploit unique indices of fire-related information sources, which can be created and updated rapidly. The user interface and system outputs will build upon the growth of Geographical Information System (GIS) technology to present a map-based view of social, environmental and economic risk.

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