NATO Targeted Program of Cooperative Research 

(Moscow, Russia, 30-31 October 2000)

The NATO-Russia Joint Scientific and Technological Cooperation Committee under the auspices of the Scientific and Environmental Affairs Division of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has organized a targeted program of cooperative research. The cooperative activity will be initiated with three seminars on agreed topics:

  • Plasma Physics
  • Plant Biotechnology
  • Forecast and Prevention of Catastrophes, Safety in Natural and Industrial Aspects

Each of these seminars reviewed and finalized a scope statement defining their research area and outlining the range of potential collaborative research activities which they foresee. These scope statements were be forwarded to the NATO-Russia Advisory Panel to provide the basis for solicitation of research proposals to be funded by NATO and member country government agencies.

The topic of “Forecasting and Prevention of Catastrophes” has been introduced by the Russian side and was given high priority by many Russian government agencies and research institutions. Areas of interest from the Russian side included:

  • Industrial Hazards
  • Economics of Safety Management
  • Education in Risk Sciences and Safety Management
  • Forecasting of Natural and Technological Hazards
  • Scientific Management of Safety
  • Integral Risk in Civil and Non-civil Fields
  • Ecological, Chemical and Radiation Safety
  • Geological Hazards
  • Socio-economic Problems of Safety

The Global Fire Monitoring Center presented the rationale and need for cooperation in

Forest Fire Disasters: Early Warning, Monitoring and Management   (PDF)


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