ITTO Guidelines on Fire Management in Tropical Forests

The sixth publication in the ITTO Policy Development Series provides practical assistance to member countries as they address issues and develop fire management principles to ensure the protection and sustainable management of tropical forests. The guidelines were drafted under the leadership of the GFMC in 1994 and finalized by a group of experts in 1996.

Reference: International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO). 1997. ITTO Guidelines on Fire Management in Tropical Forests. ITTO Policy Development Series No.6. ITTO, Yokohama, 40 p.

Title Page of the ITTO Guidelines on Fire Management in Tropical Forests


1. Introduction

2. Policy and Legislation

3. Strategies

4. Monitoring and Research

5. Institutional Framework and Capacity Development

6. Socio-economic Considerations

7. Land Resources Management and Utilization

8. Training and Public Education

Appendix 1: Fire Management Options

Appendix 2: Fire Prevention Measures

Appendix 3: Fire Pre-Suppression

Appendix 4: Ecological, economic and management aspects of integrated fire management options in various tropical and subtropical forest and sub-forest types

Appendix 5: Potential objectives for the use of prescribed fire in management of plantations in the tropics

Appendix 6: Unpublished Model of the Fire Ecology Research Group, Germany

Appendix 7: Wildland Fire Management Terminology

Appendix 8: Further Reading and Information Sources

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