Photo Archive: Tanzania and Kenya

Fire Problems in the Lowland Savannas and Mountain Forests of Tanzania and Kenya

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The increasing occurrence of wildfires in the Kilimanjaro mountain forest has created international attention. The GFMC Photo Archive documents mainly savanna and open forest fire phenomena:

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Fig.1. Approaching Mt.Kilimanjaro by survey aircraft at dusk.

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Fig.2. Wildfires approaching from the hills surrounding Mt.Kilimanjaro and which represent the transition between the mountain and the lowland savanna ecosystems.

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Fig.3-4. Freshly burned “fire scars” are a common feature during the dry season in the savanna-miombo zone South of Mt.Kilimanjaro.

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Fig.5. Aerial view of a Tanzanian small village, located in midst of a freshly burned area South of Arusha.

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Fig.6. Typical low- to medium-intensity fire in an open tree savanna of Central Kenya.

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Fig.7-8. Experimental burning in Lewa Downs, Kenya, September 1997 (see publication below)

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Fig.9. Recovering fire behaviour measurement instrumentation after completion of the fire experiment (see publication below)

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Fig.10. Aerial view of the experimental fire in Lewa Downs, Kenya, September 1997. The aerial component of the experiment focussed on aerosol emissions. The experiment was coordinated with a satellite overpass for ground validation purposes.

Literature on fire experiments in East Africa: International Forest Fire News (IFFN) on the AFARI-97 and ZIBBEE research projects.


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