Photo Archive: Thailand

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Fig.1. Open dipterocarp forest in the Huay Kha Khaeng Nature Reserve. This forest type has been influenced by annual fires over centuries. The policy of the Royal Forest Department of Thailand aims to eliminate the majority of these recurrent fires. It is assumed that biodiversity, soil fertility and productivity of these forests will be improved as a consequence of fire protection

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Fig.2. Shifting agriculture plot in the mixed deciduous forest in Thailand, close to the border to Myanmar.

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Fig.3. Large cleared area which has been converted from forest to agricultural production sites and settlements. These forest conversion projects in the past have involved large-scale burning of vegetation.

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Fig.4. A Thai FIREGLOBE, indicating the interest of the Royal Forest Department to reduce those effects of fire which are detrimental to ecosystems, sustainable land management, and the atmosphere. In 1999 the Forest Fire Control Division will be converted into an independent Forest Fire Control Agency with multi-institutional participation.


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