Sunglint Phenomenon

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Sunglint Phenomenon

© It is not permitted to export, utilize and publish anyphotographs without the written permission of the GFMC. This includes the photos taken bythird parties.

click here to enlarge (KB) Sun glint as depicted by the Hasselblad camera o board of the Space Shuttle. The photograph shows a view from the orbit towards Florida. The Key Islands and Cuba can be seen in the left part of the Photo. Source: Courtesy NASA. 2 click here to enlarge (KB) View of sunglint, fires and smoke in Madagascar, as seen from Space Shuttle Mission STS 61 on 10 December 1993. The Space Transportations System 61 (STS-61) mission was conducted between 2 and 13 December 1993 during 163 orbits. STS-61 (Space Shuttle Endeavor) nominal altitude was 587 km, inclination 28.5°. The photograph was taken with a NASA-modified Hasselblad 500 EL/M, 70-MM and shows the transport patterns of smoke which is driven West towards the African continent (Mozambique, Tanzania). At time of observation the Shuttle was looking south on Madagascar and viewing into the sun while orbiting at altitude 320 nm a.s.l. in the afternoon of 10 December 1993, 17:04 p.m.Photo: Courtesy NASA and C.Nicollier, Astronaut on NASA STS-61 (Photo No. STS061-99-052).



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