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How Can NGOs be Included?

  • By instituting, formally acknowledging, recognizing and institutionalizing the contributions of partners;

  • Through regular consultative mechanisms, such as town hall meetings, community visioning exercises and consultations on key issues to facilitate, encourage and mobilize broad-based NGOs participation;

  • By undertaking capacity assessments to establish institution-building priorities and to define the roles and responsibilities of each actor;

  • By consulting civic associations and organizations on harmonizing priority objectives, mobilizing resources and forging partnerships;

  • By consulting civic associations and organizations for establishing priority objectives and for identifying indicators and criteria for progress evaluation;

  • By involving civil society in the evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of national and local administrative systems, structures and management

  • Through the creation of people awareness of critical environmental issues and of policy options for addressing them through information dissemination and use of the media.



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