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Instruments of Achieving Sustainable Ecological Development 

            Now it is quite clear that ecological policy-making processes will be most effective and responsive to priorities and needs if they a) emerge from a broad base of political advice and from objective technical analysis of ecological conditions and trends; and b) are implemented through partnership arrangements among local authorities, the private sector and NGOs.

            The goals of sustainable ecological development and management are most likely to be achieved through:

  • Adopting enabling approaches, forming partnerships and activating participatory mechanisms;

  • Building capacity among partners;

  • Monitoring and evaluating process and learning from each other’s successful practices through networking and the use of modern information technologies;

International cooperation: innovative approaches and frameworks for international cooperation in the development and management of sustainable ecological environment must be sought and developed so as to facilitate the active participation of all levels of government and all relevant partners in decision-making, policy formulation, implementation and evaluation and resource allocation.

            The ideas of ecological sustainable development will be implemented through local, national, sub regional and regional plans of action and / or other policies and programs drafted and executed in cooperation of interested parties at all levels and supported by the international community. This will go through:

  • enhancing policies, strategies and management practices at all levels;

  • establishing and/or strengthening effective governance structures;

  • contributing to more sustainable forms of environment conservation.



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