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What is Pacific Forest Forum?

It is NGO, created by a group of forest specialists. It has a small staff but relies upon two large organizations’ the personnel of which voluntarily joined our NGO. These are Forestry Institute of Primorski State Agriculture Academy and Khabarovsk Forest Engineering Institute of Pacific State  University. 

            The objectives of our NGO in the sphere of NGOs cooperation are: 

  • create an awareness and positive image of Russian NGO in NEA; 

  • cultivate a relationship with NGOs in the region; 

  • increase the cooperation and information exchange with other NGOs; 

  • work toward strengthening the relationship between NGOs, business, and government in order to improve ecological situation in the region; 

  • create and support satellite NGOs in other communities, since in a rapidly urbanizing and changing world, the sustainable development and management of natural resources is dependent on the principles  of enablement, participation and partnerships with a wide range of NGOs working together to improve the situation. 

  • Pacific Forest Forum  will help to extend and expand the work initiated by Global Fire Monitoring Center;  

  • provide a frame work for further action planning to widen international cooperation; 

  • promote the implementation of existing plans of action and give birth to new ideas; 

  • apply criteria and indicators for action (work, policy) analysis at all levels; strengthen the institutionalization of cooperative processes; 

  • leverage resources and facilitate actions through networking; 

  • encourage dissemination of and learning  from best practices and provide a framework for monitoring and analyzing process in implementing bilateral and multilateral cooperation.



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