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pacific forest forum
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Tasks for future

  • to realize plans for international seminars and conferences on forestry and ecological  problems alternately in NEA countries;

  • to establish international consortium or regional network for implementation of forest and ecological programs in such countries as China, South and North Korea, Japan Russian Far East (fundraising, establishing local facilities for   reforestation, plantations; providing machines, equipment and technologies, arrange research works);

  • to establish international working groups to determine the most urgent tasks;

  • to publish a number of books on ecological problems and forest fire of  NEA countries;

  • to publish a newsletter informing about the work and plans of NGOs and consortium (network); 

  • arrange training programs in ecological and forest fire problems

  • to attract media for description of above mentioned works for wide public, etc.

            We hope that these spheres will be only the beginning of wide and fruitful cooperation.



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