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pacific forest forum
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Tasks for NGOs

  • Strengthen national networks;

  • Expand information dissemination;

  • Monitor the implementation of ecological programs and plans;

  • Strengthen cooperation with local and national government;

  • Improve public policy and legislation;

  • They form partnerships (organize regional consultations of partners, establish regional and thematic NGO networks; establish and strengthen national -international coalitions); 

  • strengthen participatory and advocacy mechanisms (organize awareness raising campaigns on environment condition; participate  in the conferences; implement mechanisms to monitor selected aspects of the ecological programs implementation; promote policy change in ecological issues; mobilize media to increase public awareness); 

  • promote enhancement of capacity ( prepare model local projects and facilitate their implementation; provide training through workshops and seminars; assist in strengthening the capacity of community groups; translate programs and plans into local languages; assist in transfer of effective communication technologies); 

  • initiate and promote enabling approaches (implement pilot self-monitoring practices; share information among the partners; identify NGO best practices; promote political and legislative means that will allow NGOs to influence national programs in ecological field).



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