World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

The WorldMeteorological Organization (WMO) has initiated and supported a series of activities,which address problems arising from vegetation fires and smoke impacts on humanhealth and the environment.


WMO Involvement in Southeast Asia


In June 1998 the WMO organized a RegionalWorkshop on Transboundary Smoke and Haze in Southeast Asia. Theworkshop closely interacted with the results of the WHOBi-Regional workshop on Health Impacts of Haze-related Air Pollution(Kuala Lumpur, June 1998).


WMO Support to Develop the Health Guidelines for Vegetation Fire Events


Building on some of the recommendations of theSingapore workshop, the WMO co-sponsored the workshop Workshopon WHO Health Guidelines for Episodic Vegetation Fire Events, inwhich the the guidelines were drafted. The final versions of the guidelines areavailable at the GFMC WHO web space at:


Related publications by WMO

Oneof the eight Technical Commissions of the WMO is the Commissionof Agricultural Meteorology (CAgM). The CAgM Publications Repository includesthree fire-related publications, which are mirrored below:


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