The Global Resource Information Database (GRID) is the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP’s) world-wide network of environmental data centres. GRID is part of UNEP’s Division of Environmental Information and Assessment (DEIA), which manages the globally-distributed GRID network from UNEP Headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya.

The GRID-Geneva office, established in mid-1985, coordinates European regional activities on behalf of DEIA and maintains a vast archive of global, European and other geo-spatial databases as part of its data and information management function. GRID-Geneva specialises in the preparation and provision of value-added environmental data, derived information for decision-making and client-specific databases. GRID-Geneva also carries out regional coordination, information networking and technical support activities for UNEP and its partner agencies.

The UNEP Global Resource Information Database (GRID) in February 1999 has published “Wildfires and the Environment: A Global Synthesis”. This document can be downloaded here:

Printed versions of this comprehensive report can be obtained by:

Ashbindu Singh
Regional Coordinator
Division of Environmental Information, Assessment and Early Warning – North America
EROS Data Center
USA – Sioux Falls, SD 57198
e-mail: singh@edcmail.cr.usgs.gov
Internet: http://grid2.cr.usgs.gov 


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