Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)


Food and Agriculture Organizationof the United Nations (FAO)

The FAO programme in forestry addresses one of the most important, complex and controversial issues of modern times – how to conserve the world’s forests, while also using trees and forests to contribute to the economic, social and environmental well-being of the world’s rapidly expanding population. Through provision of a neutral forum for policy and technical dialogue; information and advice; and direct technical cooperation, FAO helps member countries to conserve trees, forests and the biological diversity they contain, and sustainably derive products and services from them. Technical advice for the protection of forest against destructive wildfires and the use of prescribed fire in forest ecosystem management and in land-use systems, particularly through community participation (Community-Based Fire Management) represent a key activity of FAO’s Forestry Department.

FAO Forest Fire Websites

Development of a non-legally binding Strategy to Enhance International Cooperation in Fire Management (2005-2007)

Note: The original repository of the strategy documents is provided at the first web link. The following links are downloads from the GFMC repository of FAO fire documentation

Development of an International Wildland Fire Accord (2004-2005)

Reports of Meetings

Selected Publications

  • Community Based Fire Management in Spain (2005)

  • Global Forest Resources Assessment 2005 – Regional Fire Reports (2006)

  • Press Releases

    FAO / GFMC Partnership

    In December 2004 FAO and the GFMC signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on cooperation to

    • improve the dissemination of information about forest fires through any appropriate means, including internet linkages, publications of relevant reports such as ‘FAO and the State of the World’s Forest (SOFO)’, and through the respective websites of the Parties
    • develop fire management information systems
    • develop, display and maintain wildland fire databases and country fire profiles
    • jointly organize regional and international consultations, round tables and fire management workshops
    • collaborate in preparing press releases or other materials for the media concerning wildland fire
    • collaborate in Global Wildland Fire Assessments in the frame of the Global Forest Resources Assessments
    • collaborate at UN inter-agency level to develop an international wildland fire agreement


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