NATO’sSupport in Fire Research

In addition to its well known political and militarydimensions, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has a “ThirdDimension” which seeks to encourage interaction between people, to considersome of the challenges facing our modern society, and to foster development ofscience and technology. The NATO Science Programme is a major component of thisthird dimension.

The activities of the NATOScience Committee enhance science and technology by facilitating internationalscientific cooperation. The transatlantic link has been and remains a majorfeature of this cooperation. Recently, links with the CIS and Central andEastern Europe, NATO’s Cooperation Partners, have also become an importantaspect of the NATO Science Programme. Following consultation withrepresentatives of the Cooperation Partner countries, a number of priority areaswere selected for support. In the following the possibilities of funding forcollaborative projects between scientists of NATO countries and CooperationPartner (CP) countries are described. Funding possibilities are in the priorityareas only. Scientific problems related to the environment, regionalenvironmental problems and natural and human-caused disasters are considered aspriority areas.

Activities Supported: The supportmechanism for tackling problems in the priority areas are Advanced StudyInstitutes, Advanced Research Workshops, Collaborative Research Grants, LinkageGrants and Expert Visits. Although applications for these activities may besubmitted by either NATO or Cooperative Partners (CP) scientists, applicationsin the Priority Areas must involve cooperation between both NATO and CPscientists.

Application for funding: Specificapplication forms and Notes for Applicants are available from the NATOScientific Affairs Division for all these activities. Scientists from NATOcountries and Cooperation Partner countries can apply for support for topics inthe Priority Areas.

NATOScientific Affairs Division
Boulevard Leopold III
1110 Brussels


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