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EuropeanForest Fire Information System – EFFIS
The European Commission DG JointResearch Centre provides the EuropeanForest Fire Information System (EFFIS), which is aimedto provide relevant information for the protection of forests against fire inEurope addressing both pre-fire and post-fire conditions.

Informal working group of forest fire prevention experts (WGFFP)
The group was established in May 2005 and is serving as advisory body to the European Commission

EC-funded Natural& Technological Hazards Research
The FP5 Generic activity “Fight against major Natural & TechnologicalHazards” (DG RTD/I.2) is aimed to develop methods andtechnologies (including EO & DSS) for environmental, social & economicimpact and risk assessment, risk management and disaster preparedness; hazardforecasting & monitoring; prevention, evaluation & mitigation; riskperception, communication and awareness. A status report (extract) on researchin the wildland fire arena is available in the following document:

Coordinationof wildland fire science in the Mediterranean Region
A major networking activity in wildland fire science in the Mediterranean Regionis provided by the EUFIRELAB. EUFIRELAB is based at the National ResearchInstitute for Agronomy (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique – INRA),Avignon, France.

EuropeanForest Fire Statistics  
TheCommission of the European Communities, on the basis of Council Regulation (EEC)No 2158/92 of 23 July 1992 on protection of the Community’s forests against fire(1) in 1994 decided that Member States must at least collect a set of dataconsisting of fire statistical information, comparable at community level andaccessible at specified regular intervals, hereinafter called ‘the minimum coreof information on forest fires’. The database is not publicly accessible.Rationale and principles of the database, however, are described in CommissionRegulation (EC) No 804/94 of 11 April 1994. Community legislation document394R0804 is given at: EUR-LEXwebsite, 31994R0804 

ForestFires in Southern Europe 


WildlandFire: People, Environment and Biodiversity

The following documentsinclude statements of the European Parliament and the European Commissionconcerning fire as a threat to the environment, people and biodiversity. Incontrast to the disaster-focussed assessments the EC-funded 4-year fire researchprogramme “Fire Paradox” is addressing the beneficial role of fire forstabilizing ecosystems against undesired destruction by fire.

Forest Fire Disaster Risk Reduction
PREVIEW is an EC- co funded research project looking for new techniques to better protect European citizens against environmental risks and to reduce their consequences. The project is coordinated by INFOTERRA France. The Fire Platform includes the PREVIEW elements Fire Engineering, Fire Laboratory, Winter Fires, Fuel Parameters, Fire Risk Indices, Fire Monitoring, Fire Propagator, and Fire Damage Assessment:


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