GFMC: Forest Fires in the Russian Federation, 2 November 2000

Two And Half Million Russians Back Environmental Protection Referendum

Interfax Russian News, 27 October 2000

Moscow, 27 October 2000
The initiators of an All-Russia environmental protection referendum have submitted to the election commissions of Russia’s 60 composite regions the signatures of nearly 2.5 million supporters of this step. Central Election Commission member Nina Kulyasova reported this to Interfax on Friday, recalling that the deadline for handing in the subscription lists expired on 26 October 2000. Kulyasova said she believes that if all goes well for the referendum’s sponsors the national debate could be set for March or April of next year. The initiative group of 170 public environmentalists intend to present three questions for national discussion:
“Are you in favor of banning the introduction of radioactive materials to Russia from other states to store, bury or process?”
“Are you in favor of a federal environmental protection agency to work in Russia separately from those concerned with the use of natural resources and their management?”
“Are you in favor a legally independent state forest service in Russia?”

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