Forestry Cooperation with China

Forestry Cooperation with China

British Broadcasting Corporation, 6 October 2000

Moscow, 28 September: The Russian government has approved a draft agreement between the Russian and Chinese governments on cooperation in joint development of forest resources. Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov has signed a respective decree, the governmental information department told RIA on 27 September 2000.

The sides are going to develop a long-term cooperation in developing and using the forest resources based on the principles of rational and sparing forest management. Among other things, it is a question of joint stocking up of timber, including Russia’s areas with burnt wood; attracting of investment in the Russian wood-storage and wood-processing industries; wood-processing; reproduction of forests; protection of forests against fires and harmful insects and illnesses.

The structures authorized to carry out cooperation from the Russian side are the Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology and the Ministry of Natural Resources. A standing working group on developing and using forest resources established within the subcommission on trade and economic cooperation of the commission for preparation of regular meetings of Russian and Chinese heads of governments is an intergovernmental working body responsible for bilateral interaction in this field. The working group determines the main directions for cooperation and helps solving questions arising during the joint work.

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